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Sabtu, 11 September 2010

Lee Min Ho Oppa

MinHo oppa , almost everybody know him. He is Lee Min Ho, Korean Actor who was born in Hangul-Seoul, June,22nd 1987. He is 185cm tall and he is so handsome. Everyone know it, moreover since more people look his role as Jeon Jin Ho in Personal Taste. JinHo play his role as a good person, rich, and whatever that make most of woman in the world like him so much. Before Personal Taste, he also play his role as Goo Jun Pyo with Kim Hyun Joong, Koo Hye Sun, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon in Boys Before Flower (BBF). He also be a rich man in BBF, and he is so cool I think. That's why so much woman like him. Beside BBF, and Personal Taste, he also play his role in Secret Campus in 2006, Mackerel Run in 2007, and But I Don't Know Too in 2008.. But I don't have watch 3 of them, because I'm still young. :(

About his shoes, he is 265mm
So youu can send him pair of shoes, and he will be happy and proud. I hope MinHo oppa can go to Indonesia , then I'll meet him..
I never understand about everything that I've write, so I'm sorry if this is not useful

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